Life in lockdown

Cast your minds back to March 2020. The month us parents were thrust into life in lockdown. Some of us thrived, juggling their kids’ remote learning, holding down a full time job and keeping tiny humans alive. Others (like me) lost the absolute plot. My children turned feral, I discovered why I never pursued a career in teaching and my job was put on the back burner. My goodness, it was HARD, but we did it, one way or another! 
It felt like a lifetime, being stuck inside only allowed one walk a day. The days were long. I’m sure we played with every single toy, every single day. Don’t get me wrong, it started well with banana bread baking, TikTok making and pre school work. We even drew up a lesson timetable (how very ambitious, it didn’t even last a day!). But after multiple failed bakes and science experiments, it went down hill. Cue a Disney+ subscription and lots of gin. 
All the plans I had for lockdown, the fun we would have in the sun, the learning we would do.. hahaha, who did I think I was? Although life was simple. We had nowhere to be and nothing to do, so we were slow. We appreciated the walks around the block; until we past a locked up park and the tantrums began. I didn’t feel guilty for the pyjama days and we did have fun despite the craziness. 
Some of us may have lost our minds, but we all did it! Our children will one day laugh about all our failed lockdown attempts and there will be something special about the time where we were all together, with nothing to do but to be still, and really really love each other. 
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  • Nikki Jude

    LOVE this. Nice to know I wasn’t the only one to lose the plot. Bring on Part 2

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