Saga Copenhagen


Saga is an Old Norse concept and means a tale of a life or family.

Saga Copenhagen has become a big part of the family's story. It is a cross-generational collaboration, about creativity as an important part of their DNA, where having something important at heart and also doing something about it is central.

Saga Copenhagen help you give the very best start for your little new one, and they do this by ensuring sustainable quality products that take into account the health of the child, while also taking good care of our soil.

They help create the framework for the small new lives so that they can, with good conscience, put their small footprint on the earth for many generations. Although their name means "storytelling," they do more than just talk about the message that is so close to our hearts - they act on it too!

They hope that their story, with the message of sustainability, will help make a difference for the earth and new generations.